Purple dial watches
Purple dial watches

Why choose purple?

Stepping into the purple dial space shakes up the traditional watchmaking scene, which often favors more reserved colors. Our collection, featuring "Akva - Spectral," "Nordsø Neon III 316," "Vesterhav - Polaris Purple," and notably the "Nordsø Meteorite collection" gently disrupts the status quo.


  • Choosing a purple dial balances boldness with elegance. It suits any occasion, offering a unique flair to both casual and formal attire. This color is for those who enjoy their fashion statements to whisper rather than shout, bringing an element of mystery and class to their look.
  • My exploration through vibrant 3D designs has shaped our approach, encouraging us to infuse our creations with vivid colors. Introducing purple is a conscious move to question and stretch the boundaries of traditional watch design, highlighting our commitment to innovation through color.
  • Our range of purple encompasses a variety of tones, from deep and reflective to lighter, more tranquil shades. This variety ensures everyone can find a piece that resonates with their style, be it the bold "Cosmic Purple Meteorite DLC" or the subtle grace of "Vesterhav - Polaris Purple."
  • With purple's growing popularity in various cultural and fashion trends, its presence in watchmaking signifies a timely adaptation to contemporary tastes. This resurgence marks purple as not only a historically significant color but also a modern choice that resonates with current lifestyle and contempoary fashion.
The Rich History of Purple

Purple's rich narrative is closely linked with the regal circles of ancient times, primarily due to its rarity and the immense labor involved in extracting the dye from the murex sea snail. Such a demanding production method positioned purple as a luxurious symbol, reserved for the elite and powerful, often the choice of emperors and monarchs. Today, fortunately, advances in dye production have democratized this beautiful color, making it accessible to everyone

The Perfect Contrast

The color purple as an excellent choice for those who seek to blend traditional style with a hint of visual contrast.

Additionally, the vividness of purple makes it an outstanding pick for any time of the year. It injects a lively burst of color into winter outfits or amplifies the cheerful brightness of summer looks.