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From our designstudio in Aarhus, Denmark, we create timepieces where quality, good craftsmanship, and design come together.


A timeless design

We are proud of our Danish design heritage, which is the source of inspiration behind our designs.

Danish design is characterized by a clear connection between function, design, and the use of quality materials.

Together with our passion for quality watchmaking, these are the very keywords that define our company’s DNA.


Quality materials

In our view, a great design is not purely limited to aesthetics.

That is why we solely rely on the use of high-quality materials for our watches, such as sapphire crystal, mechanical movements from leading manufacturers, and full-grain vegetable tanned Italian leather.


In our design work, we meticulously create custom molds for everything - from the dial and indices to the case, crown, and even the date wheel.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the initial design vision is flawlessly brought to life, without any loss of detail.

After all, originality is crucial.

EST. 2020


The name “Henry Archer” is a direct translation of the name of our founder and product designer Henrik Schødt, who comes from a background in the 3D- and product-visualization industry, where he has spent close to two decades working for some of the worlds biggest commercial and industrial brands.

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