The Mechanical Heart: The Miyota Caliber 9015 and 9019
The Mechanical Heart: The Miyota Caliber 9015 and 9019


Crafted with precision in Japan, the Miyota caliber 9015 / 9019 stands as a testament to modern watchmaking.

This movement, birthed in 2009, is a relatively fresh face on the block, especially when placed side by side with its Swiss cousins – many of which are based on the venerable ETA 2824 which was introduced back in 1971.

The Miyota 9015 and 9019 is part of the Miyota “Premium Series” collection, also known as the Miyota 9000 series, and is fundamentally different in design, quality, and functionality from the more basic 8000 “Standard Series” movements


  • Automatic, self-winding mechanical movement with 24 jewels.
  • With dimensions of 26mm in diameter and 3.9mm in height, it is notably slimmer than the Sellita SW-200 by 0.7mm. It features hand-winding and a Parashock system for enhanced durability. The 9019 version has a lower hand tube height, allowing for the hands to be positioned closer to the dial, enabling a slimmer case design
  • Functions: It includes timekeeping functions like central hours, minutes, and seconds, a date calendar adjustable to dial design, and a hacking seconds mechanism for precision setting.
  • Origin: Made in Japan (by Citizen Group)
A mastery of form and function

With 24 jewels at its core and an automatic, self-winding mechanism, the 9015 and 9019 compact size of 26mm in diameter and 3.9mm in thickness exemplifies the Japanese commitment to efficiency, high performance, and sleek design.

The 3.9mm thinness allows for the creation of ultra-slim watch cases without sacrificing the movement's robustness.

Vibrating at 28,800 times per hour, it ensures each second is counted with utmost precision, complemented by a generous 42-hour power reserve.

Beyond its technical specifications, the Miyota 9015 shines in accuracy, often outperforming its rated deviation of -10 to +30 seconds per day. Its sturdy build, enhanced by a Parashock shock system and a unidirectional, clockwise winding rotor, stands up to the rigors of daily wear. The movement also includes a hand-windable feature and a hacking function, allowing for precise time setting down to the second.

Reducing friction, enhancing longevity

Central to the movement's enduring performance is the strategic placement of jewels, made from synthetic sapphire or ruby, to combat friction. Positioned at critical points like the gear train and escapement, these 24 jewels serve more than an aesthetic purpose; they are pivotal in enhancing the mechanism's longevity and accuracy.

By reducing wear and tear and minimizing the need for lubrication, they contribute significantly to the movement's efficiency and extended service intervals, ensuring reliability and ease of maintenance.

At Henry Archer, we hold a deep respect for this movement, particularly for its slim design and exceptional calibration right out of the box, with most units running within a precision range of -5 to +10 seconds per day.

This precision, combined with the movement's innovative features, solidifies the Miyota 9015 and 9019 as a preferred choice for watches that are as accurate as they are elegant.