When form follows function

When form follows function

SEKVENS is named after time itself – or, to be precise, the sequence of time. A watch that is designed for you to wear, no matter where or when.

The design of SEKVENS has its roots in our Aarhus origins. The sharp angles from “the Iceberg” and the “DOKK1” culture building are, among other things, sources of inspiration behind SEKVENS’ unique design. An angled design, where the watch case’s lug, crown, and the dial’s date display are all connected to each other in terms of design.


 The different variants of Sekvens – “Dunkel,” “Sommer,” “Natur,” “Mørk,” and “Himmel” – each have their own unique color combination, named after the Danish nature, weather, and time of day.

“Dunkel” from the dark Danish winter nights. “Sommer” from the lush green and the golden glow of the summer sun. “Natur” from the green tones that characterize Marselisborg Forest’s luxuriant trees. “Mørk” from the gray gradients of the Danish cloudy autumn weather. And “Himmel,” which, with its unique play of colors, draws its inspiration from the polar sky seen in Danish winters.


“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Here at Henry Archer, Danish design is part of our DNA. Our approach to the design of SEKVENS is based on the two main rules for which Danish design is known:

Simplicity and functionalism.

Our core value is that a good watch should not only be attractive to look at. It is also important that the materials are of the same high quality and that there is a practical functionality behind the design.

For example, the automatic movement means that SEKVENS doesn’t use a battery to work. This also applies to the double-domed sapphire crystal, which has an exclusive domed shape and is extremely tough – surpassed only by diamonds in hardness. Or the angular crown that gives the watch a unique look and, at the same time, makes it easy to wind up the movement when the watch has been stationary for some time.

All are examples of how form follows function on SEKVENS.